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Dry fasting vs clean fasting!

woman in the kitchen cutting vegetables

Let’s see what is the difference between these two.

Dry fasting, or absolute fasting, restricts both food and liquid. It doesn’t allow any fluids, including water, broth, and tea. This is different from most fasts, which encourage water intake. Meanwhile clean fasting allows you to have beverages such as black coffee, tea and water, during fasting window.

As you can see these are two different approaches of fasting. Clean fasting is a more commonly practiced and safer form of fasting for most people and it reduces the risk of negative side effects such as dehydration. Dry fasting is an extreme approach and should only be considered with careful research and planning. For dry fasting we do recommend to consult with a health care professional directly.

Remember, always prioritise your health and well-being when deciding on a fasting method.

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