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How to enjoy your meals on vacation with intermittent fasting

No guilt, no stress and all the healthy benefits


Going on vacation is always a great feeling, but anyway you might feel a little bit worried how can you keep your diet in order?

Eating is always a very big part of traveling, especially if you are going abroad and want to try this places cuisine.

The great thing about fasting regime is that you can move your fasting time and adjust it to any event. For example, if you know, that you most probably will be hungry later in the evening, start your fast later, if you know that you can not start your day without breakfast make it that 16h of fast starts in the early evening.

Second great thing, is that fasting does not restrict you from any food. For example, you want to try new flavour of a cake, you can do it.

But of course, for better results we do recommend to keep an eye on what type of food you consume.

The last but not least remember that following, you can reach our team and ask for any advice regarding our diet plan. Our nutritionists will help you to make a plan, even if you are on vacation.

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