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The best intermittent fasting for women!

When it comes to dieting, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. This also applies to intermittent fasting.Generally speaking, women should take an easier approach to fasting than men. This may include shorter fasting periods, fewer fasting days or/and a low calorie intake on fasting days. Intermittent fasting in not about starving yourself, it’s a flexible eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting.

Try fasting windows such as:

Woman eating salad

  • 12:12 fasting(12 hours fasting, 12 hours eating)

  • 16:8 fasting (16 hours fasting, 8 hours eating)

Time restricted eating may be a safer option than following alternate day fasting.

Whichever you choose, it is important to eat well even when you are not fasting. If you eat a lot of unhealthy, calorie-dense foods during periods of fasting, you may not experience the same weight loss and health benefits.

Ultimately, the best approach is one that you can tolerate and maintain in the long term and that does not have negative health consequences.

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